First Blogentry of Schnex and Skatoula. We’re gonna keep this blog casual and just write about our travels to different places. We made this blog because we have both been to nine places each (as of 2017), and we feel like we need to remember everything we do. Which you can’t with only pictures.

Now. First things first. We met each other when we we’re studying in Japan. The first couple of days Schnexs roommate and the other Swedes had to do complementary studies to be able to read and write in Japanese, since all classes were in Japanese only. Schnex, who had already studied Japanese before she went to Japan, didn’t have to go. Skatoula went to one class, and then didn’t have to come back. Since we were both in Japan alone and obvious geniuses in Japanese, we decided to hang out and sightsee in Kyoto, where we now lived.
It ended up being the two of us feat. the other Swedes just chilling around in the art schools cafeteria with a lot of studying. I know we were geniuses but Japanese is f-ing hard in the beginning.

We went to Tokyo together as a first official friendship trip. And everyone knows that traveling together is a make it or break it deal between friends. But it everything went awesome and we came home better friends. In Tokyo Schnex dragged Skatoula to the amusement park at Tokyo Dome and made her ride the roller coaster. Skatoula was veeery nervous and scared about it, until we both saw an old lady (maybe 60 years old?) riding it. After that she was fine.

Since Skatoula only stayed for eight months and Schnex stayed for a year we lost contact when Skatoula left Japan. But then Schnexs family was going to Mallorca in the summer, and the little sister couldn’t come because of work. So Schnex racked her brain after friends she could travel with. And BAM! She remembered Skatoula from Japan. So she searched the internet after Skatoulas name and found one person. So she sent a text asking if she was the Skatoula from Japan, to which Skatoula answered “Hell yeah Bitch!”

We went to Mallorca with Schnexs family and have been long-distance and close-distance best friends since 2011 (2010 if you count the eight months in Japan:D)

Before Japan we had both been in several countries already, so we were already well traveled. And now we plan on getting even more well traveled, together and separately.

We will try to recount our past travels here as well as we can, but it’s the future travels we’re gonna focus on.


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